Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's a quiet night in Library Land...

...which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Does make the evening crawl by at a snail's pace, though.

Last night I witnessed my first Obnoxious Knitting Comment in the wild! I met up with C. at Starbucks for the sort-of-regular Wednesday-night knitting group. We were there early, so we snagged the comfy couch, got beverages (and I, of course, got a cup of tea that dribbled on my every time I took a sip, so I tried to fix it, and ended up popping the lid off the cup and dousing myself. Oh well, at least the tea had cooled from molten to slightly-painfully-warm by then), and settled in to knit -- both of us with socks-in-progress, although mine are just plain, and hers are fancy two-at-a-time, one-inside-the-other socks.

So. We're settled in knitting and chatting, and one of the local Creepy Dudes who spends most of his time either using the library computers (which is where I recognized him from) or hanging out at the Starbucks came over and asked C. "Are you knitting a hat for me?" C., who is nicer than I am, chatted a little with him about how no, the sock she was knitting was not a hat for him (seriously, wtf?!) while he ignored the clear "please go away" vibes we were both giving off and kept going on and on about how he needed a hat because it's cold out.

I guess my Resting Bitchface must still be strong from my days of taking the T back and forth to Cambridge, because I have never been asked by a total stranger if I was knitting something for them. I've heard of it happening, and have been gobsmacked by the WTF-ery of such a question, but had never witnessed it in the wild! I only ever had people ask what I was making, or tell me how they would never have the patience/time/skill to knit. (To which I always wanted to say "You're sitting here on the T just like I am! So you have time! Also, if I can knit, anybody can.") But mostly, people just left me alone, which was fine with me.

Aside from the socks, I'm still in the midst of knitting Tiny Things, so here's the latest: a Tiny Cupcake!

Also, a Tiny Ear of Corn!


  1. I can't believe the corn. The cupcake is adorable too, but the corn kind of blows my mind.