Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I just can't with this weather anymore.

So, this is my path to work:

The snowbanks on either side are almost shoulder-height on me. (I'm about 5'9".)

This is also my route to work:

At least the city has come through and cut pathways along the sidewalks -- for a while, only some of the sidewalks were sort-of shoveled, so my walk to work was a lot of fun. (Walking on the street, with a wall of snow on one side and traffic on the other, praying that no one hits me...)

This snow pile behind our car in our driveway is at least ten feet tall. I couldn't get a better picture because I couldn't back up any further to get it into the frame -- my back was against a snow wall. 

The Mollycat has the right idea:

Oh, to be a pampered kitty:

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